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the Engineer the Engineer

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I played through the first couple of levels, but I couldn't take it anymore. Everything works fine, the graphics look good, the music is clear and fluid, it doesn't take very long to load at all, but the frame rate is horrendous. The graphics don't actually lag, it's smooth and fluid, just SLOW. Unbearably slow. It took me like 45 minutes to beat the first level and the timer had only shown a passage of 2-3 minutes. I can't handle that. I understand the idea of moving forward with new technologies and such, but I can't imagine this game need to rely on Flash 11. Though the graphics look good, some of your other submissions look better. It seems it would have looked just as good had you made the game playable without having to access our graphic card, as I haven't seen anyone say the graphics of this game are anything more than normally good. I refrained from giving less than 3, because what makes it more frustrating is that I know I would enjoy playing this game, but I can't. I've updated flash, and I have no problem playing any other Newgrounds game I've played.

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Poltergifts Poltergifts

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Very fun game. It does get kind of frustrating later in the game if you die and lose all of your defense stuff (I got a phone call, and couldn't find a pause button... if there is one). Overall, the difficulty progression is good, the different weapons are fun, although some are a bit useless because they are too slow or just ineffectual. My biggest problem is with the 'Time Mode' because it randomly freezes up on me, causing me to have to refresh the page. The last time this happened I had like 6 TV's, chocolate, and fans all over the place, and knew that I would easily hit 15 minutes... then it froze on 8 something... very frustrating...

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Mass Mayhem 2 Mass Mayhem 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun, but...

It's fun, but it gets REALLY boring waiting for the score/money to tabulate after a mission. It doesn't seem like a long time to wait, but it builds up. If you could just make it so it automatically is done adding if you push space or something, it would make a huge difference in this game. Otherwise, it's pretty fun. I haven't gotten too far into it yet, so I can't say much, but it's always fun to destroy things in gory fashion.